Onboarding Process

7 Steps Onboarding

Every company has a unique process, a different outlook towards its services and a specific approach to handle same scenario. A chatbot that is done for one company cannot satisfy the needs of other company, even if they are doing same end business.

Considering this very fact, we have designed our on-boarding process such that our conversational agents get enough visibility, training and grooming onto your business before being live.

Our 80% off-the-shelf and 20% configuration approach takes care of this very context. 80% off-the-shelf covers the 'what' part of the solution while 20% configuration is all about 'how' in a particular company.

Depending upon the execution plan, this can be an iterative process as well. Each of these stages have well defined execution strategy which helps us onboard a new conversational agent on to your business without any hassle.