Smarter, Richer and Intelligent
Our conversational agents are rich on features and are ready to take up challenges of your business.
Domain Awareness
Our conversational agents are basic domain trained, which means they understand the colloquial terms of the chosen domain. As part of on-boarding process we made them aware of your business lingo in addition to training them on your business processes.  
Multi-lingual NLP
With powerful natural language processing engine underneath, our conversational agents are capable to interact with your customers in English and any of the supported non-English languages.
Deploy Anywhere
Not all our customers exists on the same place, therefore we need to go where they are. Our conversational agents are designed to be available on multiple messaging platforms in addition to web and mobile apps. Take your pick.
Enterprise Ready
Having multiple integration adaptors in place, our agents can interact with all major enterprise systems off the shelf. As soon as basics, such as authentication, communication channels, and shared secrets are configured, information can start flowing between our chatbot platform and your business systems.
Rich Conversations
We have trained our conversational agents to be expressive. They choose the best format to present information to your customers. In addition to plain vanilla text, quick reply buttons, images, carousels, maps, informational cards, etc. are other richer presentation formats that are used where required.
Synthetic Behaviours
As goes in training and grooming of a human for a particular job, we have put in lot of efforts to add several synthetic behaviours to give our conversation agents unique personalities. Personalities which are pleasing to interact with. These behaviours supports interesting business opportunities such as cross-sell and up-sell possibilities. 
Conversational Analytics
Every conversation that happens between our conversational agent and your customer is recorded and several important insights are generated in real-time as well as over historical conversations. 
Sentiments Analysis
As your customers talk to your employed conversational agent, the sentiments of the ongoing conversation are being analyzed and hints are passed back to the agent to take the right decision with next answer, to make overall conversation more human like and satisfying for your customers.
Automated Learning
Not everyone speaks the same language and so the same thing can be said in multiple ways. That's what conversation is all about. With smart automated learning, our agents are continuously on training even while they do their job, and with every passing day, they become smarter in understanding your customers right.
Speech Interface
Nothing is as powerful as our speech. With powerful text-to-speech and speech to text translations, our conversational agents makes it more effective and interesting to communicate to them. 

(Note: This feature is still under trails.)
On-Demand Conversations
In addition to respond or serve to your customers when they ask for, many a times you need to reach-out to your customers when you need them. Our conversational agents are also capable to break-in a conversation when some of your business event demands that. Conversations are two way, isn't it? 
Call Center Integration
Complex situations, new scenarios, severely upset customer, and several other such cases, need a human intervention. Our conversational agents can make a seamless transition to and from a human sitting in a call center with all relevant details while still in conversation with your customer.